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Survivor SOULutions



Childhood sexual abuse is a forbidden topic surrounded by shame and secrecy. This silent epidemic happens in the poorest communities, and the most affluent neighborhoods throughout the world. It happens in homes that are religious or practice no religion. It happens in every culture. Abusers do not discriminate. One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they are eighteen.

If we want to engage people in the conversation, then I believe it is important to take the “fear” out of discussing abuse. It was not that long ago, the big “C” was never spoken above a whisper, yet now you find football players wearing pink gloves and shoes. It is my intention to raise awareness of abuse through sharing my own story, personal artwork and the creative tools that were part of my healing and recovery. Through engaging, thoughtful and creative programs survivors can fulfill their greatest potential and communities can become safe havens for survivors.


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Keeping Children Safe:
Learn how to protect your children and 
help prevent sexual abuse.

Strong Women Share Secrets:
Discover the healing power of telling your story
and being seen. Find your strength and freedom.

The Healed Heart:

Transform the pain of the past throught art,
forgiveness and ritual.

Safe Home-Safe Street:
Seven week program to create a culture of collaboration,
acceptance and peace..

“Rae is passionate about her work as an advocate for healthy children and families. She is strong and articulate and can lead her cause. Her beautiful book and her transformational work has the potential to prevent abuse and broken hearts across the world.”
                   -Gail McMeekin the Author of
                    The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women

Rae, thanks for the amazing healing session at dinner with your soul drawing technique. I feel like a lot of things were released during that process and not just the bird that got freed from the cage. I am honored to have experienced your gifts and know that your work is helping so many to heal from all forms of abuse. Your work needs to be offered throughout the school system and around the world.!"           - Cynthia Magg






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